Burr Oak, “A Lovely Place”



Although not mentioned in the Little House books, the Ingalls family helped run a hotel in Burr Oak, Iowa.  The move to Burr Oak from Walnut Grove was one of necessity for the grasshopper invasions destroyed all hopes of a crop.  Reluctantly, Pa, Ma, Mary, Laura, Carrie, and infant brother Freddy backtracked eastward to help their friends, the Steadmans, run a hotel in Burr Oak.  Pa didn’t like going backward, but, it was an opportunity Pa felt he needed to take advantage of.  Before going to  Burr Oak, though, the family visited with Peter (Pa’s brother) and Eliza (Ma’s sister) Ingall’s in in eastern Minnesota.  While there, Pa worked as a farm laborer helping with the harvest. Continue Reading »


From left, Ma, Carrie, Laura, Pa, Grace, Mary

From left, Ma, Carrie, Laura, Pa, Grace, Mary

January 10th marks both the birthday of Charles (Pa) and Mary Ingalls.  Can you imagine Pa’s joy in having his firstborn arrive on his birthday?  I’d love to have heard his fiddle ring-out that night!

January also marks the birthday of Almanzo’s sister, Eliza Jane.  For years, Eliza Jane’s birthday was unknown or attributed to January 1st.  Thanks to some sleuthing over at Pioneer Girl, we know her birthday is really January 3rd. Continue Reading »