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  1. I have just discovered your site and am enjoying reading your past posts. I have always wondered something and perhaps you have some insight-why did Laura never go back to see Ma and Mary? Why did she not attend the funeral? I realize she had a busy life and was very much needed at home and travel was a big expense, etc. etc. Why didn’t Mary or Ma ever come to Rocky Ridge?

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Chris! I can only guess at the answer to that question–I don’t know if anybody knows for sure. I’ve even wondered if Laura went back for Pa’s funeral (she was there when he died), why didn’t she come back for Ma or Mary. But, from what I have read, she received word that Pa was dying, so she hurriedly made the trip. I don’t know if the same opportunity afforded itself for either Ma or Mary. Going to South Dakota from Southern Missouri would have been quite a task, and one the Wilders probably could not afford at that time. And remember that Almanzo suffered from side effects from the stroke his entire life. I don’t think it had anything to do with ill feelings towards her mother or sister. In fact, in some of the articles she wrote for the Missouri Ruralist, she writes about how much she missed her gentle mother and sister. Laura and Almanzo, when they could afford it, did manage to travel to the Dakotas and saw Grace and Carrie. And Carrie visited them on Rocky Ridge. Your question is a good one, and I will post it on my facebook page to see what others have to say. If you haven’t Liked my page, do so and see if you get any more insight. –Marie

  3. I just discovered your page too. On the show, Laura more than once quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson saying that Pa reads his writing to them at night. I haven’t read a single book of Wilder’s yet, but I’m looking for quick information. Did he read RWE to them? Any idea if he read Thoreau?

  4. Sarah, Glad you found my site and hope you return! Laura herself was a voracious reader and loved to read and write poetry. I don’t recall Pa reading Emerson to the girls, though. In the book “Little Town on The Prairie,” Laura tells how she stumbled upon a Christmas present Ma had hidden away for her which was a book of poetry by Alred Lord Tennyson and had the poem, The Lotos-Eater, in it. Hope this helps.

  5. I have just discovered this site and have been browsing it for the past couple of hours. It is amazing. I have loved the Little House books since I was a little girl. I am so excited about the Pioneer Girl project. I recently read they are expecting it to be out this summer. In the mean time I have learned on here a couple of other books to occupy my time until then. Thanks for all of your posts.

  6. salve volevo sapere se ci sono ancora nipoti di Laura , dove abitano e come si chiamano ..grazie

  7. salve anche io , da grande volevo vivere come era vissuta Laura non รจ stato possibile ..

  8. Purtroppo, solo il nipote di Laura morto nell’infanzia, e nessuna delle sue sorelle ha avuto figli. Carrie ha sposato un vedovo che aveva due figli, e quindi era una matrigna. Ci sono un sacco di altri Ingalls, ma sarebbero cugini di Lauras. Grazie per la vostra domanda.

  9. Alcuni giorni, voglio vivere come Laura ha fatto. Poi poi ci sono altri giorni in cui ho davvero piacere i comfort moderni e le cose che abbiamo oggi! Come cappuccino. :)

  10. Marie, there’s a discussion at the fb page honoring the real LIW about Pa’s fiddle. Where did you get the info about the seed company promotion? Somehow I didn’t remember that.

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